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Everyday Shooter and more..
10:46 PM
So, I tried playing Everyday shooter again and was reminded how hard that game is for some reason. I think I can beat it with allot of practice. I recommend everyone to try it sometime. It available for download in the file catalog.

Myself and Witboy have started working on the clan bio. It's coming along okay, i guess. Just want to get input from a few more people then we should be good. I was wondering if anyone knew what old DE clan website had our last official bio. It was a more in your face, Fuck you bio. If anyone can redirecting to the web page that be nice, thanks.

Here's some of what we got so far...
Dark Eden clan
DARKEDEN.TK -- DarkEden.ucoz.com
ID: FallenMoogla
Established 2005 or earlier (Has gone by different names before 2007, but same members)

Dark Eden is a friendly clan clan for all ages from all countries. We welcome you to join our community. We span our selves across a large variety of games, FPS, MMORPG, or whatever is fun. we are always looking for more games to expand into. We are a clan that won't push you around. You can stay in a corner with a few people if you like or you join together with other members playing the same or different games. The clan was also made for fun and not to have a headache over fights. Easy to make new friends. We can become like a second family at times for those who may need us. We reward those who promote our clan and stay loyal. We hope to see you soon.

Extra information:
-- Mainly English spoken clan, some french
-- Recommended that you have a headset for ventrilo
-- Register with the website
-- Read the Ventrilo information when connecting

It's in a format for registering with mini fighters that's why you see ID and why its set up the way it is. After this is completed, I'll edit a few parts and it will be posted in the clan info section on the website.

I started up my ventrilo and saw I was transmitting. The thing is I didn't have my headset plugged in. It was transmitting the audio that was coming through my speakers. I had the homepage of Dark Eden website open, playing the ghost and goblins song. That song was being transmitted into ventrilo and to everyone in the lobby channel with me. Free music for everyone. It was like hosting the music bot without knowing it.

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2:33 PM
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