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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Details -- What To Expect From The New CS: GO

By Leah Jackson

We've got a lot of new details on the newly announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive thanks to a write-up from the renowned owner of eSports Entertainment Association, Craig "Torbull" Levine. Torbull was one of twenty top Counter-Strike: Source players invited by Valve to test out CS: GO. Here's what we know so far:

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is being developed by Valve a ... Read more »
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Check this forum link for more info: CLICK HERE
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Well I didn't start recording what I was doing from the beginning so here is what I did so far.

-Revamped all game channels to a more clean cut look. eliminating about 10 channels.
-Changed most server admins to channel admins.
-- server admins didn't need powers for things like New channels and the private channels.

Dec. 7th
User changes
-De-Ranked many accounts. Most accounts de-ranked were users that have only been on the server a couple of times or less.
-- most demons became minions.
-Gave all Non-ranked accounts minion rank.
-Deleted a couple of rank titles. replaced all users with ranked titles with either demon or a rank of similar level.
Muzik lobby updates
-No longer allows guest accounts.
-Disabled many events and settings for users sitting in the music lobby (YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO BE SITTING IN THERE ANYWAYS)

For those who read this I've got a ... Read more »
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I Have not been on ventrilo to much, I wish I could more often. I have school and friends been hanging at my house. The Ventrilo server is back up. Had to wait until Friday to pay for the ventrilo server. I hope to see you all on!

Myself and Ramus have found a few new games to play while we wait for Mini Fighter to come back. We were thinking of playing Gunz, maybe. For sure I will be playing "Soul of The Ultimate Nation". This game is superb! that graphics are amazing and the lag... what lag?. It reminds me of Guild Wars, or what Guild Wars 2 may look like.

... Read more »
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Well, I don't like saying it, but I'm playing WoW. Their you go! you got me to say it. lol
The private server we are playing on is empty. I seen a max of 6 people online at a time. haha So, If your interested go check out the forums and join us. It's a flat rate server and blizz-like. It's like playing the real WoW servers if no one like to play WoW.
Dam you Wow for being so good and addicting!!!!!
New updates to the site:
-- Music player on main page.
--WoW in the forums.
--A large ... Read more »
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The Site is coming along very well! I'm very pleased. A few days ago the site was down, still don't know why, but I'm happy it's back up and fully functional. The forums are set up and I'm trying to post with legitimate messages. A few more files and pictures upload. I added IndieVolume to the file catalog. It allows the user to adjust or effect the volume of any application. I'm quite glad to see things coming along. Now we must expand the community to get some traffic flowing through here!
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So, I tried playing Everyday shooter again and was reminded how hard that game is for some reason. I think I can beat it with allot of practice. I recommend everyone to try it sometime. It available for download in the file catalog.

Myself and Witboy have started working on the clan bio. It's coming along okay, i guess. Just want to get input from a few more people then we should be good. I was wondering if anyone knew what old DE clan website had our last official bio. It was a more in your face, Fuck you bio. If anyone can redirecting to the web page that be nice, thanks.

Here's some of what we got so far...
Dark Eden clan
DARKEDEN.TK -- DarkEden.ucoz.com
ID: FallenMoogla
Established 2005 or earlier (Has gone by different names before 2007, but same members)

Dark Eden is a friendly clan clan for all ages from all countries. We welcome you to join our community. We span our selves across a large varie ... Read more »
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Finally got some work done on the site.
Forums have been set up and ranks have been added. Other miscellaneous things were updated.
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