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Ventrilo Updates 9-15-09
5:02 PM
Many have noticed changes in the Ventrilo server these changes are part of an ongoing to project to revamp and redesign our ventrilo, through channels and the inner workings of ventrilo servers. Many changes have been made, outer, visible, changes and inner, hidden to the eye, changes.

The first change is the IP. More of an expansion rather than a change, now that I think about it. In the IP/Hostname box we have multiple address that may be inserted to connect to our particular server. We currently have three options, two old and one new.
Options for IP/Host-name:
  • IP Address67.202.64.154
  • Hostname v11.hostventrilo.com
  • *NEW* Custom Hostname DarkEden.hostventrilo.net
    note the ".net" at the end of the custom hostname

    In addition to the new hostname (optional) I'm revamping the channel list. There is not much I can say about it until it's done, but for now I ask for your comments on the format and how your channel setup would look if you were in charge. Please post these in the comment section down below. So I may compare solutions.

    One more big step, not yet taken, is the revamp of ranks, minor, and the user list. I may in the near future decide to clear the user list and/or reset certain users privileges. Please don't fret, it's not because I want to downgrade anyone. It's just because many users including myself have working accounts but messed up account privileges that I am unable to properly fix without re-doing the accounts.

    So, to re-cap:
  • *NEW* Custom Hostname DarkEden.hostventrilo.net
  • Channel List revamp (post comments)
  • Overhaul of the User-list

    Please be patient and don't freak on me. These changes are only to better help our clan and community.
    Time for class. So, TTYL!!!

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    2 EELS.  
    Um.. Lolwut. are you actually going to try to have a real clan now?

    1 piromasta  
    -The "Guest rank" should be something that isn't offensive in anyway, so as not to antagonize newcomers and potential members.
    -The "MMO" channel should be renamed to "MMORPG" since all the games located in it are massive multilayer online role playing games.
    - angry

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