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KiraDate: Monday, 2013-10-07, 7:32 AM | Message # 1
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<Chapter One: New Criminal in Town.>

What... What the hell was wrong with her?!

Vi fisted her hands- now without her massive hextech gauntlets and smashed them into the wall of her small office. She had messed up everything, again... Her partner had insisted on her taking some time off to recover after her near death experience this morning, but... That crazy girl was still out on a rampage, destroying things and killing because she found it fun.

Damn it all to hell!!!

Jinx had used her apparent bank heist to simply play with Vi. The pinketteset her forehead against her forearm and grit her teeth, remembering the bandages and the deep cuts that were stitched up as she pressed her head against them.

Then, there was the memory of Caitlyn's reaction to seeing her like that...

<Vi groaned as she pushed a piece of the rubble off of herself, felt the sting of cuts and bruises- possibly broken bones. “VI!!!” Caitlyn called out, and the Piltover Enforcer only remembered faintly hearing her partner's scream, muffled from the rubble prison around her.

After finally digging herself out ofthe treasury's fallen structure, she crawled out, feeling a weakness in her legs and arms, shaking. All the while, she heard Jinx laughing like a maniac- escaping capture once again. Then, Caitlyn was upon her immediately, steadying her and helping her to lay down. Her gauntlets were messed up, bent and pushed in lots of it simply torn away, several of the fingers of the gauntlet snapped and dangling loosely. She was bloody, hurt in more than just her physical being. Her pride had taken a massive blow.

Vi's vision was very blurry as she looked up at the brunette, thought she saw tears rolling down Caitlyn's cheeks as she called for emergency medical assistance. “C-Cupcake? Wh- Why're you crying?” Vi murmured, a corner of her mouth turning up in a weak
version of her usual cocky grin. “I'm arright, don't worry. Is just a scratch.” Caitlyn shook her head quickly in protest. “You're
not alright, Vi- You're covered in your own blood!” Vi's brows lowered as she looked down at herself, sighing. “I... I'm fine, cupcake, don't worry. I'm ready to get back to work any time.”

Shh. Don't even... You're going to the hospital to get fixed up, and you can get to fixing these-” Caitlyn tapped the broken gauntlets still situated on her hands- though not much remained of them. “AFTER you're healed and fixed up.” Vi was stubborn, but gave in and nodded slowly. “W-Will you please stop crying?”

You're such an idiot, Vi.”>

An idiot... Yeah, that was for sure. One arm was in a cast, broken at the forearm, and in a sling to hold it in place. All because she rushed in alone after a very dangerous criminal... Perhaps there was some truth to what Caitlyn always told her, the strict orders she gave her.

Vi startled at first when she heard the knocking on the door to her office and glanced over, sighed. “Come in.” She answered, brows lowering when the door opened to reveal none other than Caitlyn. She was probably here to lecture her on the fact she'd been given two weeks bedrest and another month on just filing reports so she could still work, but recover... and Vi had ignored them outright.

(By the way the image is not mine. All credit belongs to dinotiste on Deviantart.)
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<Continuation of Chapter 1>
“Vi. Seriously. You're in no state to be back to work a whole two hours after you nearly died.” Caitlyn began, closing the door behind her and crossed her arms over her chest with a huff. “You need to be at home, relaxing, and recovering.”

“Cait, don't worry about me I-” Cait sighed deeply and replied quicky, cutting her off mid sentence. “Don't worry about you?! What was I supposed to think after I watched the whole quarter section of the treasury come down on you? You crawled out of that wreckage covered in your own blood and a broken arm. I'm speaking to you not only as your superior but also as your partner.” The sheriff was always so to-the-point and very blunt about things...

“Do you really think that I'm going to be fine just laying around and doing absolutely nothing for so long? I hate filing reports almost as much as I hate sitting idle wasting time.”

“VI! You almost DIED!” The sheriff's normally calm voice was rising to a firm yell now as she grew more and more frustrated. “This is serious. I don't know how you can be so calm and relaxed about such a thing but I'm scared for you. You're my friend and-” Vi's brows raised suddenly, shocked by this. “Friend? I thought you just put up with me because I work with you? Where did this whole friend thing come from?” Caitlyn rubbed her temples, starting to pace. “What does it matter what you are to me? Any other employer would immediately send an employee home after such trauma! Let's not bring personal situations into this. Just go home!”
The pinkette considered for a long while, slumped her shoulders forward in surrender and sighed deeply, grabbing her coat. “Fine, you win, cupcake. I'm sor-” Vi cut herself off and bit her lip. “I'll see you in a couple weeks.”

Of course Caitlyn could never be told exactly what Vi thought of her.

That would be too unprofessional for someone as strict and to the books as her partner and sheriff.

Caitlyn watched her go with a sad expression, shook her head slowly. Vi was always so unpredictable, brash and impulsive... “Vi... wait.” Caitlyn hurried to catch up to her partner, adjusting her hat more comfortably. “Let me take you home... I want to be sure you're alright.” She was always the type to worry, and the enforcer shook her head. “Alright, alright. Come on.” The sheriff followed her out to the parking lot, opened the door for her partner and sliding around to her side to drive. There was a long moment of silence where neither of them said anything, and Caitlyn let the car idle for a long while.

“Uh, cupcake? Is... everything okay?” She asked with a raised brow, tilting her head some to the side. Caitlyn exhaled what seemed to be a large amount of built up tension all at once, nodded. “There is something I've been needing to talk to you about, Vi... but I'd like to save it until you're home. I'd much rather talk about it there.”

“My place? Uh... Okay?”

There was a feeling deep down in Vi's gut that told her what this was about, and it worried her. All the way home there was a sharp almost tangible tension between the two of them, and it unnerved her further.

Caitlyn helped Vi to get out of the car and into the house, settled down on the couch when Vi seemed comfortable.

“This is about your sister.”

… “My what?!”

“You have a sister, Vi. Most of the Piltover police force know about it due to simple necessity.” Caitlyn sighed, bit her lip in that way she did when something was troubling her or she was embarrassed. That biting her lip did Vi in every single time- and it would have this time, but there were other more important things to worry about right now.

“Here's where it gets complicated...” Caitlyn took a long breath, set a hand on Vi's hand- the one without a cast. “Your sister... She's here in Piltover, but she... Um...” What was this?! The sheriff was actually getting flustered about this... “Vi, your sister is... Is Jinx.” That hit Vi hard, sent chills through her whole body that she couldn't suppress in the form of a shiver.

“You mean to tell me, that the pipsqueak that almost killed me today was my sister?! Does she know?-” Caitlyn simply nodded. “-and she tried to kill me?!” Caitlyn nodded once more. There were so many unknowns here... “Why” was the question floating around the enforcer's head the most. “Cupcake. You've been hiding this all from me for how long?” The sheriff simply shrugged. “Long enough, what's important is now you know. Your sister wasn't so fortunate to have an opportunity to escape from her past as a criminal. That's my guess.”

Yeah, Vi remembered the moment she had escaped that life very well. Her conscience had gotten the better of her... and she took a stand against her own gang. Caitlyn had given her a second chance, a new life outside of
living on the streets barely getting by.

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<Continuation of Chapter One>
“Caitlyn... I want to tell you... thank you. For everything you've done for me these last few years.” The pinkette murmured, rubbing the back of her neck with a hand. “Could you... stay here with me for awhile longer? I don't really like the idea of being by myself in isolation for so long without company.” The sheriff's brows rose, and she looked incredulously at her partner, cleared her throat. “Since when did you become so... needy?” Vi immediately cleared her throat as well and glanced away. “I'm not needy! I just want you around, that's all.”

Caitlyn's shock was evident even more so now. “You... want me around? Vi, you must have cracked your head harder than I originally thought. You're not acting normal.” Said enforcer shrugged, leaned back against the couch. “Seeing you cry today really startled me... The way you were looking at me when you helped pull me free from the wreckage... It was almost as if you thought it would be the last. You seriously thought I was going to die, cupcake?”

Caitlyn had hoped Vi wouldn't remember any of that, but clearly she did. She had to be strong for her city. “I... I did.” Caitlyn brought a hand up against Vi's cheek, brushed a shallow cut there and bit her lip. Oh, god, the things that very moment did to Vi... “Cupcake... please... You're making this very hard on me.”

The brunette sighed, dropped her hand away from Vi's cheek. “I don't understand you Vi... Sometimes you're incredibly rude towards me, ignoring orders on the job and such... and now you're, well... being extremely polite.” There was a moment of silence, where both women didn't look away from each other. Vi was serious, staring deeply into the other's eyes. “I don't want to see you sad, or upset, or worried again. You scared me today, Cait.” Said woman raised an eyebrow, exhaled suddenly. “I scared you? Try the other way around. I thought you were going to die.”

“What would it matter if I had? What exactly am I to you?”

“What does it matter what you are to me? I had every-”

“Stop avoiding that question!” Vi said angrily, standing up suddenly. This was a very touchy subject, and the enforcer knew just how she felt and hated herself for it.

“Tell me the truth, Cait. What am I to you? Friend? Partner?... Spit it out!”

“I can't... I can't talk about it, not now.”“Why the hell not? Here I am spilling my guts to you, confessing my feelings for you that I've hid for years and you...”Caitlyn looked shocked by the outburst, but more so what her partner had said.

“You... You feel what for me? Tell me what's going on, Vi.”

“I feel more than I should, I can't explain everything right now, all at once..." Vi started, unable to look over at her partner as she sat back down again. “But I can tell you that this isn't just the feelings of a normal friendship or partnership.” Caitlyn instinctively bit down
on her bottom lip, fidgeting. “Vi, if you had said something sooner... I... I'm sorry-...” The pinkette nodded without words, fighting the feelings of jealousy that rose up at her words. “You're already dating someone. Is it Jayce?”

Caitlyn shook her head slowly. “No, let me finish. I'm not dating anyone. I was about to say... I'm sorry that I didn't realize sooner, that I stayed so distant in that regard. Let's just take it one step at a time.”

“Wait a sec...are you serious? You're willing to?” Caitlyn nodded, smiled softly.

“Under one condition. You need to get better, and then we can explore more of this 'us' thing.”

“Sounds great, cupcake.”
<End Chapter One>

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<Chapter Two: Fuzzy Cuffs?>

Vi's eyes opened slowly to take in the morning light, glanced over to her open door to see Caitlyn making breakfast in her small kitchen, humming to herself. Eh... Vi groaned and sat up, ran a hand over her forehead and back through her messy hair. So she had stayed after all... The pinkette stood slowly, making her way out into the living room and up the small incline that led up to her kitchen and the door out back to the balcony. “Hey, cupcake... you know, I don't expect you to take off of work all week just for me.”

Caitlyn glanced over and smirked slightly. “Who says I'm just taking off work for you? Perhaps my intention is simply making sure you stay out of trouble.” Vi grinned back just as coyly “Ouch. That's cold of you to say. Especially since you're making me breakfast.” Caitlyn shrugged slightly. “Who says I'm making you breakfast? Maybe I'm only making it for myself.” The brunette was awfully cheeky this morning.“You forget, Cait.” Vi stepped up behind the shorter woman, leaned down to let her breath gust over the side of the sheriff's neck, nibbled the curve of her shoulder and moved up to tease the soft curve of her jaw behind her ear. “I'm unoccupied here, I can do whatever I want to you.”

Caitlyn gasped, loosing a small whimper as she felt a hand at her outer thigh, working inwards. Her mouth fell open to pant softly as she quickly gave in to the feel of being touched like that... but... “Then again...” Vi whispered, backing away with a grin. She swore she
could hear Caitlyn whisper, “Such a tease.”

“What was that all about, Cait?” Vi purred once she had settled down on the couch in the living room, a smug grin on her face. “You seemed extremely turned on there for a moment.” Caitlyn's head was swimming with thoughts, with ideas of what could happen between them. “Damnit, Vi...” She whispered, swallowed hard and set the breakfast aside to make plates for the two of them. It was hard to think clearly after all of that, and why did she suddenly miss the soft way Vi had spoke to her, touched her...

Oh, what in the hell was wrong with her?

Her composure was quickly being destroyed by her partner.

“Vi... Don't... Don't do that again.” Caitlyn murmured unconvincingly as she glanced over at the pinkette, her expression making it obvious just how strongly it had affected her. Vi simply raised her eyebrows at the other, smirked. “What's wrong, cupcake? Did I hit a nerve?”

“You hit more than just a nerve.”

Caitlyn murmured, blushing brightly, glanced to her partner with an almost- glare. Too much had changed between the two of them for Caitlyn to be angry with Vi anymore. “You're gonna be late for work, you know.”

“Oh well. I can just get away with blaming you, right?”

Vi smirked back atthe other and shrugged. “You usually do blame everything on me, anyways. Not like this is going to be a first.” Vi stood slowly and moved next to her partner, settled down at the counter beside Caitlyn to eat, caught herself occasionally glancing to the other officer and then quickly back to her food. For so long, Vi had always caught herself staring in fascination of just how beautiful her friend was. What took her by surprise though, was when she glanced over again to the brunette she caught Caitlyn staring back at her much the same way.

“What?” Caitlyn murmured, feeling a blush coming to her cheeks again. She had hoped to never be caught staring at the one she had admired for so long. She'd gotten away with it several times before now.

“What, what? You were staring at me first, cupcake.”

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